Qingqing Mao 茅倾青


I got my Ph.D. in the at , studying Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology. My advisor is .
Before I came to Vanderbilt, I completed my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Physics at in Shanghai, China, which is also my hometown.

My Curriculum Vitae


Office: SC 6911
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tennessee 37240, USA


My research interests go across many orders of magnitude, from the Galactic structure of our Milky Way to the very large scale structure of the Universe. I use computational simulations, as well as data.


Primordial Non-Gaussianity

The standard inflationary paradigm predicts nearly Gaussian and scale invariant primordial density fluctuations. However, even the simplest inflation model predicts some small deviation from Gaussianity. Constraining and detecting primordial non-Gaussianity provide a very powerful tool to probe the very early universe. We use simulations to test different observables of large-scale structure as probes of primordial non-Gaussianity.


Cosmic Voids

are very underdense regions in the universe that contain very few or no galaxies. Though finding voids is not an easy job, voids occupy huge amount of volume in the universe and contain lots of information about the cosmology. Using cosmic voids to constrain cosmological parameters is a very interesting and challenging project.


Star Clustering in our Milky Way

Stars in our Milky Way provide invaluable information about the Galactic structure as well as galaxy formation in general. We plan to use correlation function statistics of stars to study the Galactic structure. The sample of G-dwarf stars represents an unbiased random sub-sample of the stars in a big volume, thus is great samples to use.

When I am not doing research, I enjoy doing many different kinds of works. As an amateur programmer, I help administrating and editing the 's website and . Sometimes I write short articles on tips of using computers to do science. I am also a casual web programmer and iOS programmer.
I do a lot of educatioal and public outreach in astronomy, including writing and translating articles, making and annotating posters, subtitling videos, and making educational apps. You can visit to see my personal collection of astronomy EPO related materials in Chinese. Also, check my recent CMBMaps app for iOS!
I am part of the SDSS Educational and Public Outreach team, and I am currently in charge of the and .
In 2011-2012, I served as a committee member of . I was in charge of the VUCSSA mailing list and website administration, and I was involved in organizing many activities. I built a whole new WordPress based site for VUCSSA, and helped VUCSSA get 2011-2012 Vanderbilt Outstanding International Student Organization Award.

When I am not working at all, I like reading, traveling, and all kinds of awesome food. I am also a movie fan and spend many of my weekends' afternoons at my favorite .

It's easy to know more about me. I am online or dead:
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