Natural Language Processing & Machine Intelligence

Since mid-2017, I have been working at Primer AI located in San Francisco, CA. My work includes advanced time series analysis, complex document parsing and classification, large-scale document clustering, and Chinese natural language processing.

Work at Primer

At Primer, we build machines that can read and write like a human. We focus on automating the analysis of enormous document sets to help business clients understand both the big picture and evidence behind it.

My work at Primer includes performing advanced time series analysis to identify trends and tell stories; parsing and classifying large amount of unstructured text data such as news articles, financial reports, and scientific papers; document clustering on the scales ranging from hundreds to hundreds of millions; information and knowledge extraction and aggregation from unstructured sources. I enjoy being involved in the process from pretotyping to production.

You can learn more about Primer from the company website and our tech blog. Also, here are some selected news articles about us: